• I proofread in PDF and send only the annotated pages back to you via email. My annotations will be marked in red text and yellow highlighter on your files when returning proofed documents.
  • Please send in transcripts as close to "clean" as possible and "turn-in" ready. This allows me to catch more errors, faster!
  • I kindly request for transcripts over 100 pages that you send me 50 pages at a time. That way, you are able to finish your half while I finish mine.
  • Please contact me with the number of pages and due date prior to submitting transcript so I am able to ensure a quick turnaround.
  • If you have a rush job, please let me know ASAP so I am able to start proofing it right away.
  • For transcripts received after 8 p.m. EST, the turnaround time will start as 8 a.m. EST the following day. Weekend days will be included in turnaround. Major holidays excluded.
  • Please do not send ASCII or .text/ Notepad files. If you don't have a PDF printer, there is a free one at

Preference Sheet

I understand every court reporter may have specific preferences regarding punctuation or capitalization. My primary reference guide is Margie Wakeman Wells' Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/ Good Punctuation. In order for me to follow your guidelines, I have provided a preference sheet below that you can download and email back to me at

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Harding Proofing

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Owner, Harding Proofing
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